Peggy Piacenza

performing artist


Redefining the separation between performer and audience, For Whom Am I is a highly kinesthetic dance placed within a dense framework of theatrically compelling images.

A lush original score by renowned composer Fred Frith pervades this dance-theater trio. Featuring the whimsical animation of Kristen Varner, this theatrical work turns a brazen and often humorous eye towards the role of performance in the construction of art and identity within western culture.

Created and performed by Peggy Piacenza, with Kate Kerschbaum and Jean Landry

Original music: Fred Frith. Animation: Kristin Varner

Premiered February 2002, On the Boards, Seattle

Toured to Dance Theater Workshop (New York, NY, February 2004) and the Bratislava Movement Festival (Slovakia, May 2004).