Peggy Piacenza

performing artist


 photo: Jazzy Photo

A visceral, sensory experience examining what it means to see, be seen, and bear witness to the passage of time.

A video-installation with live performance, premiering March 2019, BONFIRE Gallery, Seattle

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The Event

The Event follows the human spirit on its search for meaning within absurdity, as the soul is urged to purge what weighs it down.

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Choreography: Peggy Piacenza; Performers: Ezra Dickinson, Kim Lusk, Wade Madsen, Amelia Reeber, and Peggy Piacenza; Set Design: Julia Welch; Original Music: Paurl Walsh; Lighting Design: Amiya Brown; Costume Design: Dani Blackwell; Video: Leo Mayberry

Premiered October 2017, Base, Seattle.

touch me here

A one-woman, hyper-human breakdown of the body in motion.

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Premiered November 2014, Washington Hall, Seattle, WA. Re-mounted September 2015, Guest Artist Series, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA

cambodia: leap

Dreaming the sacred through traditional and contemporary forms of dance. A month-long cross-cultural dialogue and dancing surrounding classical and contemporary forms of dance with Cambodian and American artists.

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Residency & performances, November 2011, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Film documentary premiere, December 2012, Speakeasy Series, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle

for whom am i

A highly kinesthetic dance trio placed within a dense framework of theatrically compelling images. With a lush original score by renowned composer Fred Frith and the whimsical animation of Kristen Varner, this work turns a brazen and often humorous eye towards the role of performance in the construction of art and identity within western culture.

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Premiered February 2002, On the Boards, Seattle. Toured to Dance Theater Workshop (New York, NY, February 2004) and the Bratislava Movement Festival (Slovakia, May 2004).


A solo dance-theater work combining animation and dance. Collaboration with Illustrator Todd Nordling.

Choreographer/performer: Peggy Piacenza

Premiere: Northwest New Works, On the Boards (Seattle, WA, April 2000)


A fast-paced dance about real-life experiences reduced to their barest physical elements.

Choreography: Peggy Piacenza. Performers: Piacenza, Ronly Blau, Nancy Burtenshaw, John Dixon.

Work-in-Progress: Northwest New Works Festival, On the Boards (Seattle, WA, April 1997). Full-length Premiere: New Performance Series, On the Boards (Seattle, WA, June 1998). Toured as part of the King County Performance Network to Vashon Island, Shoreline and Renton, WA (Fall 1998).


An exploration of the notion of the "fool" as played out in the realm of Greek Mythology.

Premiere: Northwest New Works, On the Boards (Seattle, WA).