Peggy Piacenza

performing artist


Piacenza was an originating performer in choreographer Lionel Popkin's There is an Elephant in this Dance. Playing off a comically overlarge plush elephant costume, worn in pieces or whole, this vividly imagined, adroitly executed quartet looks at how an individual body can hold multiple histories and align itself with divergent cultural identities. By turns funny, uncanny and disquieting, There is An Elephant... abounds with choreographic eloquence, clever direction and thematic layering: It organically elicits a set of meanings both obvious and unspoken, from the pachyderm in religious iconography to expressions of interior personal space.

Premiered May 2010, Dance Space Project (New York, NY)

Toured to REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA, June 2010), Cal State (San Marcos, CA, October 2010) and Velocity Dance Center (Seattle, March 2011)